I am interested in aesthetics of the line and in slowly built constructions. I weave my works of electronic components embodying much symbolism associated with communication, as they are the very parts with which the devices of our communication society are built. For me they are also symbols of our hectic lifestyle, where presence and real meetings between people are rare things.

In my most recent work I have also used found objects to accompany my other materials. My aim is to achieve a dialogue between materials, combining a light net-like structure with the heavy and static presence of metal. In my most recent work I have explored time and our notion of time. I have tried to consider how we perceive life-long time, the equation of remembering and forgetting, made up of moments and eternities. With my slowly and meditative way of working, and by using old and worn-out objects, I try to represent the time, and the importance of every moment.

puh: 050-5268303
työhuone: Kaapelitehdas, Helsinki